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СтранаПродажа лошадей Соединённые Штаты Америки USA
КличкаSil STER
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  Sil STER 

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Просмотров: 1981

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1. Основное
Дата публикации28.06.2018 00:28
*СтранаПродажа лошадей Соединённые Штаты Америки Соединённые Штаты Америки
*Статус продажи
Продажа Продажа
*Кличка лошадиSil STER
*Основная специализацияТроеборье
*Ценовой класс20000E-40000E
Цена ($)23000 USD

2. Информация о породе
*Год рождения2011
Рост в холке (см)

3. Информация по родословной
Страна рожденияПродажа лошадей Маврикий Маврикий
Рожден в хозяйстве
Sil STER   

4. Информация о местонахождении
Ближайший крупный городНе указано

5. Опыт, возможности
Участвовал в соревнованиях
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  • 6. Контактная информация
    Контактный e-mailalondaros305@gmx.com
    Контактный телефон2562724789
    Контактное лицоjames
    Адрес в интернет

    7. Дополнительная информация
    Дополнительная информацияWe are very excited to be able to offer SEVERAL amazing friesian horses for sale.

    This boy has been started in dressage slowly, and methodically, really learning the basics, and then moving up, and now competing at M level, which is 2nd level, with 4 winning points and this boy has WON in 2nd level dresage.

    Sil is a lot of fun to be around. He’s a very open and honest horse. He is never rude in your hands or hard to handle. He has never taken a wrong step, we have never seen him buck under saddle or exhibit naughty behavior....... what we like the BEST about Sil-----he has an enormous will to please. He really is a GREAT STER gelding!!

    And even the Dutch Judges confirmed---this boy ranks in the tippy top 10% for conformation and movement, and made it to 2nd round at the viewing for stallion approval selection in 2015, hence earning the highly coveted STER predicate! Sil is a SPECIAL Thorben son, measuring 167 cm (just under 16.2 hands). Sil was bred by Margriet Griffioen, who also bred the approved stallion Tymon 503.

    What a friendly, easy to ride ster gelding, with 3rd party verification that he IS the level we say he is, by scoring ABOVE 60% consistently, in 2nd level competition. AND he is double trained to ride AND drive! This is a gorgeous, in your pocket type, ster gelding, that is ALWAYS cheerful and friendly.
    And what a GREAT trail horse----going in traffic, or in the woods by himself?? NO PROBLEM! Sil is your man.

    The previous owners' 4 yr old daughter would walk Sil on the lead, and sit on his back---what a gentle giant!!!

    Sil has MUCH potential to move up the levels---he is only 5 yrs old, and already winning 3 out of 4 times out , competing in 2nd level. He has excellent collected and extended gaits, knows leg yields, shoulder-in, traverse, turn on the haunches in walk, and simple changes. Sil STER is the perfect horse for an amateur wanting to work their way up the levels in the dressage arena. He is not the spooky type and can be taken on the trails or to a competition, all in the SAME weekend! And not only is he ridden dressage, he also is a gentleman in the carriage. He loves to drive. He sure would make a beautiful all around pleasure/dressage/trail/driving/family horse.

    Comes with one saddle and a recent thorough pre purchase exam, and xrays available for review with your vet.

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    КонфиденциальностьДоступна для чтения всем только карточка

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    Год (2010 - 2012)
    Рост ---
    $E (20000E-40000E)
    Сп (Троеборье)

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